Here are various types of vacuum cleaners to choose from for your home

Here are various types of vacuum cleaners to choose from for your home

A vacuum cleaner is basically a machine for cleaning or sweeping your house by sucking dirt especially dusts particles using the air pump. They have made cleaning easier without much wetting. It is an ideal cleaning device for surfaces as floors. And it has become one of the must have gadgets in the modern homes.

Like any other cleaning equipment, the vacuum cleaners come in many designs, sizes and forms and you have to select one depending on some specific elements. They can either be small or large, hand held, wheeled, powered and have different capabilities. They can also serve different purposes. Some can not only suck dust but also liquids. Others suck larger particles while some will just work for the finer dust particles.

Today’s technology has enabled the manufacturing of a wide range of the vacuum cleaners for both commercial and home use. They are fitted with a lot of specification to fit specific uses. The type of the vacuum you chose should be dedicated by the features it posess and capability. A single type for instance handheld may come with many designs and ability. With the fast growing technology you can never know exactly what is in the market unless you do some good exploration. Thanks to the same technology for the increased internet content from various websites for instance the keuzehelper.

Some of the common types include:

Canister model

They are cylindrical with two main features: a dust collector and a motor. The dust collector can either be a bag or not. A flexible hose connects the dust collector, to the head of the vacuum. The whole system is mounted on rolling wheels. They are easier to move around because of the wheels.

This type of vacuums dust and clean almost everything. They are well suited for stairs because of their big hoses and compact outline. Together with some ad-on features they can clean bare floor and carpets, clean curtains, furniture and other assets in the house with more ease.

Some of the drawback of a canister vacuum cleaner is that they are bulky thus not easy to store. Moving through the stairs needs some effort and use of both hands. Moving and drugging it around the rooms can be a lot of work.

Vacuum sticks

They are light and slim in nature thus easy to move around. It uses a light suction for whisking the debris into some bag or dustbin and a brush with rotating mode. These vacuum cleaners clean furniture easily because of their low heads.  They are well fitted for regular cleaning like cleaning after meals since they are not heavy. They use batteries which may have very short life and may inconvenience the cleaning by having to charge or charge battery However this status makes them more mobile. It has limited capability when it comes to cleaning ability as compared other complete large vacuums.


Like the stick vacuums, they are also light and portable. The cleaning brushes can either be rotating or not while they can be corded or not corded i.e. use battery. They are designed for doing small jobs like clearing tables of dirt, floors, and the interior of a car and so on. Cordless hand held is the most convenient for mobility purposes. It also has some drawbacks for instance they have limited cleaning ability and sometimes they have to be used alongside other cleaning tools.

Upright vacuum cleaners

They come in a variety of designs. They can have a bag on bound or just be bag- less. They use back and forth mechanism to clean the floor using a tilt –push powerful suction. They are very suitable for carpet deep cleaning. Cordless upright vacuums clean with ease though the battery life will disappoint for continuous long period heavy cleaning

Robotic vacuums

These are cleaner vacuum cleaners that can get the work done on their own. They can be remotely controlled or programmed using some machine learning. You just have to give them a command and then they execute. One of their merits is that you get other thing accomplished as they do the vacuuming. They get into accessible areas like under the furniture. They do a thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

These machines are expensive; they are also not suitable for a room with a lot of items and obstacles. They are not also full vacuums and as such have limited working power.

There are other types of vacuum cleaners classified according to some special features.


They are developed with a bag in mind such that they have two straps for the shoulders. They are easier to move around with and get more work done. These vacuum cleaners are common with commercial cleaners.

Car vacuum cleaners

They are for cleaning the interior of cars and big trucks. They can be cordless for efficiency while some may have car adapters for charging purposes. They help cleaning parts of the care more easily especially places most people do not overlook.


As the word suggests it uses electric power to mop around the floor. This wets and then dries to clean the floor. It can also scrub the surface using special brushes.

Most vacuum cleaners need to be supplemented with other tools in order to perform the cleaning efficiently. These extensions include brushes, upholstery nozzles and crevice devices. Some common vacuum cleaner specifications include: vacuums or suctions, the speed of water usually measured in metres/seconds and the air flow. Knowledge is power and will always help you find the best solution for your cleaning. It is very easy to buy the light brand and tool when you know exactly what you should look for. Keep your requirement in mind and go online to compare various brands. Just a little time spent in research for the right product will help a lot in the long run.

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