Snap Stucco is the concrete application to protect the walls from external factors (sun, rain) and to give an aesthetic appearance to the building at the end of the construction. It is a mixture prepared with water, cement, and sand. It ensures that the floor to be painted will be smooth. If lime is used instead of cement, the mixture becomes softer.

The Snap Stucco is usually applied in two stages. The first layer is coarsely cast into the surface. A second layer is applied on the surface and the surface becomes smooth. It prevents rain and sunlight effects and prevents moisture in the structure and extends the life of the structure. Therefore, the stucco must be hand-made with care. There are two types of hand or machine. The materials used in the indoor and outdoor stucco are different from each other.

  1. Types of stucco used for exterior:
    Lime plaster mortar
    2. Reinforced plaster mortar
    3. Perlite plaster mortar
    4. Perlite plaster plaster mortar
    5. Cemented stucco mortar
  2. Types of stucco used for indoor use:
    Perlite stucco plaster
    2. Satin stuccoplaster
    3. Machine stucco plasters

Preparation of stucco; sand, cement, and lime are mixed dry. The pit is opened in the middle of the mixed material. After adding a little water to the pit, It is mixed by adding little water from the inside out.

The surface to be applied stucco must dry completely. It must be dried in the mortar between bricks. Otherwise, it will cause the stucco to be deformed. Before starting the stucco, the bottom alignment of the stucco should be determined and marked. Unnecessary protrusions on the wall surface are scraped off. If the surface is very smooth, it should be roughened to make the stucco better. The wall should be wetted before the prepared stucco is applied to the wall.

Manual application of Snap Stucco; mortar is taken into the mortar box with a trowel, then some mortar is taken with the upper part of the trowel. From the baottom, up to 15 cm from the surface is thrown to the surface. Grout adhering to the wall is fixed with the lower part of the trowel. After the rough plaster is made, the surface must be straightened and the spirit level can be used. After the coarse plaster is completely hardened it is made of thin plaster. The surface of the rough stucco should be wetted with plenty of water before the thin stucco.

Sand and lime for thin stucco are prepared by mixing 1/3 ratio mortar. the prepared mortar is put into the mortar palette. Place the palette on the wall at a 60 degree angle and pull it upwards. After the thin stucco is made, the surface is fixed with a wooden trowel. When the surface corrected by the trowel is slightly hardened, Water is sprinkled on the one hand and the circles are drawn with a special trowel and the process is continued until there are no cracks or fluctuations. In the final stage, the remaining sand on the stucco is removed with a wet sponge. The drying time of the coarse and fine plaster is approximately 12 hours.

Stucco Contractor Advantages

If you do all the work yourself, you can expect a physically demanding project. It will take you longer to complete and the labor may be too strenuous. Stucco has developed over the years and removing old stucco, which is covering sheets of mesh wire, is dangerous and shouldn’t be done alone.

After the siding is finished it needs to be sealed. Stucco contractors know exactly how this needs to be done. This is why they are so confident backing their work with generous warranties. If the sealing is not done properly it can cause water to get in, which could eventually lead to the stucco cracking as the house expands during warm seasons.

Adding value to your house does cost money, but it doesn’t need to cause you a headache. Leave the work to the professionals and enjoy the finished results. This is a choice you will be happy you made once you see all the equipment, tools, time and materials needed to do the renovation you have planned.

What about the unknown? It can be exhausting if something unexpected comes up and you don’t know what to do. With a stucco contractor, you can give them the job, and enjoy your spare time doing something you enjoy. Plus, once it is completed you know you have the most durable siding that is ready to stand up to any weather, ready to protect your loved ones inside. There is lots of option in the market and you need to select the best and that can only happen after making the right choice. Which is not very easy to make?

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